351W HEI Conversion Distributor Blue Cap

351W HEI Conversion Distributor Blue Cap

The HEI uses a pointless distributor. It was first equipped on some GM cars and trucks beginning in the early seventies, and became standard equipment by the mid-seventies. The HEI distributor eliminated the constant servicing of the old points and condensers found in the earlier standard style distributors. The spark on the HEI system has much greater intensity that older ignition systems. The high intensity spark produces a clean burn in the cylinders and reduces exhaust emissions. Connect the primary wires to the HEI distributor, via a plug that snaps into the distributor cap. There are two wires in the plug: If you are updating from an old distributor, splice the old distributor hot wire to the hot wire of the HEI primary plug.

Technical Details

The idea was to explain in detail the steps it takes to properly rebuild a 6 Cylinder Engine. From start to finish, this article goes through every aspect of a rebuild, from tear-down, to the engine shops work, to rebuilding each subsystem, right through to engine adjustment and run-up. This article was completed in the Summer of with really great results.

If you have engine questions, there is a distinct possibility the answers are in this article.

If you have an AMC, a Ford, or a Chrysler distributor with a magnetic pickup, it’s really easy to convert to a standard four-pin GM HEI module. We’ve included a simplified wiring diagram to.

How do I hook up my tachometer? Standard Ignition Coil If you have a standard ignition coil you can use the negative terminal of the coil for the signal source. If you have a high output capacitive energy discharge type coil it is recommended that you install a tachometer filter to prevent damage to the tachometer. Ignition Box If you have an ignition box i. If you have a 5V Tachometer signal you can: Install a ohm “pull up” resister from the 12V gauge power source ACC to the signal wire to increase the signal strength.

Contact us to special order a tachometer that will work with the 5V ECU signal.

Wiring Harness, GM HEI

Installation Instructions A tachometer is a good addition to any vehicle equipped with a manual transmission. Installation of the Autogage Tachometer was fairly simple with only minor wiring including a wire to the distributor, a good ground, a 12 volt switched power source and a wire to power the tach’s light. The following write-up is an overview of the installation I followed and includes a few illustrations from the installation guide provided from Autogage.

To change the tach to operate on 4 or 6 cylinder engines, a pair of dip switches are located within the tach to make the adjustment. To get to the cylinder dip switches you have to remove rear cup by placing the tachometer face down on. A phillips screw retains the cup so remove that screw located on the back.

When GM designed the high energy ignition (HEI), engineers combined the electronic module with a completely new design coil called an E-core or laminated core coil.

The publisher makes no warranty, either expressed or implied, as to the accuracy, effectiveness, or completeness of the following material and assumes no liability for damages, either incidental or consequential, that may result from the use of this information: Have a local dis-interested 3rd party inspect the vehicle if it is not possible for you to inspect personally. We rely on our members and visitors to help us keep the website up to date. To report an item as sold, bogus, or out-of date please contact our webmaster at MyPlasmaCutting gmail.

Things have changed a lot since the first kits were available back in the 80s.. Technology has moved on somewhat and people expect much more from even their standard family hatchback these days Ford thunderbird power steering rack with a custom tubular race suspension on front. Rear has lower a arm and springs Will need coil over shocks in the future 12″ vented cross drilled corvette calipers rotors on the front.

HEI Distributors – Fact Or Fiction

Issues I had to deal with: The old mounts will not bolt up to the V8. I had to use the V8 mounts from the original vehicle.

Dec 10,  · I am also trying to hook up a factory tach to a Blazer but it has a 77 engine with an HEI distributor. There are two wires coming off the tach connector, the red one goes to the fuse box and the black one goes thru the firewall and is laying there unconnected.

Heres the summary in a nutshell; Replace the resistance wire that ran to your points system, from the fuseblock, with a 12guage wire pink insulated if you want to remain factory compliant and hook it up to the HEI “BAT” terminal. Okay, so you want more; The points system has two wires running to the coil, one is the above mentioned resistance wire. This wire provides reduced voltage to the coil while the engine is running. The other wire originates from the starter R terminal the 6 stud furthest from the engine block on the starter solenoid.

This wire provides full battery voltage to the coil during cranking only. All your old points wiring can be eliminated. Trace both back through the wiring harness for neat removal. If you do, you will be stranded everytime things get moist outside. There is a small catch on one of the face edges of this lug which needs to be depressed and the lug will pull through towards the “inside” of the fuse block. It takes a bit of patience to remove it. If you want to practice first, and get a few extra lugs new lugs are apparently available from the GM parts counter , visit an autowreckers and pull the engine side fuse block.

A regular female spade lug is all it takes.

Jeep CJ7 V8 Swap

There are a large number of modified vehicles that no longer use an ECM engine control module to oversee the emissions and performance parameters of their vehicles. Because of this, the pre computer-controlled type HEI distributor is often used; it is a relatively cheap, stand-alone unit with good to very good performance potential, and has a good track record for durability and reliability.

A computer controlled HEI distributor work basically the same as a non-computer controlled HEI except for the lack of a mechanical or vacuum advance mechanism some early versions did use a vacuum advance ; the ECM determines the advance curve electronically. The only other change you can make in the advance curve is to manually advance the base timing usually worth a little HP by itself.

This is not a bad thing, it leaves funds available for parts that WILL make the car faster!

My Jeep is a CJ7. It originally had a AMC 6-Cyl with a T4 transmission and I installed a rebuilt AMC V8 into it. The swap is pretty easy and did not require any special fabricated parts or expensive adapters.

Thus polarity of the reluctor signal is critical to proper function. The falling edge of this square wave is used as the trigger event which becomes the rising edge when the optoisolator inverts the signal. HEI does not use the reluctor for dwell control, this is accomplished in the module. Dwell needs to be independent of RPM. Variable reluctor output is RPM dependent with regard to both its width and amplitude of its output.

The only thing constant with a variable reluctor output is the location of the zero crossing point with respect to the passing tooth. Be sure to get the variable reluctor pick-up wires connected properly. Reversing the variable reluctor sensor wires and thus the polarity of the sensor causes the leading voltage to go negative first and the electronics ignores the positive going transition.

Thus trigger signal, if ever recognized, is the falling edge of the voltage as the end of the tooth passes. This tells MegaSquirt-II where the crankshaft is positioned so that timing advance can be calculated appropriately. Note that since the optoisolator U4 inverts the trigger signal, you specify ‘Rising edge’ for the ‘Input Capture’ in MegaTune, which refers to the signal at the processor.

Feature Article: The GM HEI System Explained!

I have great fun with my Jeeps, and like everyone else, I have to work on my Jeeps. I don’t like doing the same job over and over and over again Ignition module failure is a pain in the ass at the best of times, and when you are hunting or trail riding several miles from civilization, it’s maddening. I’ve had factory DuraSpark modules last 20 years and not complain.

Dec 10,  · I am also trying to hook up a factory tach to a Blazer but it has a 77 engine with an HEI distributor. There are two wires coming off the tach connector, the red one goes to the fuse box and the black one goes thru the firewall and is laying there unconnected.

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