Can You Hook Up Tweeters to the Same Amp As a Subwoofer?

Can You Hook Up Tweeters to the Same Amp As a Subwoofer?

Whether you own a performance sports car or a motorcycle, an ammeter can be a very handy gauge to have. This tool will help you determine whether or not your alternator and battery are working in harmony. These meters are used in many cars where there are multiple pieces of equipment that are dependent on the battery. Although some cars come with a very simple ammeter already installed, for those that make additions to their car or motorcycle, it is recommended that you wire up a more professional style of the meter to ensure that everything is functioning properly and your battery is staying charged. For some components, it is very important that they do not lose power, as items that incorporate the use of computers may reset to default settings if they lose power entirely, which could harm the performance of your motorcycle or car. By installing an ammeter, you can put your mind at ease that you are on top of your voltage needs. Step 1 – Gather Materials Before beginning your project, you should make sure that you have everything that you need so you will not have to stop what you are doing to look for a tool. You should gather a pair of safety goggles, gloves that permit hand dexterity, wire strippers, a red gauge wire that comes equipped with eyelet terminals, a socket wrench, and a screwdriver. After you have gathered all of your tools, you are now ready to begin installing your ammeter. Step 2 – Disconnect the Battery With your materials in a place where all tools and such can be reached easily, you should then locate the battery terminal on the positive side.

LED digital volt meter hook up

Posts I think that the idea of adding a VU meter to one’s rig is awesome. Unfortunately, I don’t know if this particular meter is going to be particularly satisfying. It looks like its only set for 12 dB of dynamic range. Unless you play with a pretty saturated distortion, I can only assume that one’s output is much more dynamic than this. I would assume that, with this little dynamic range, you’ll either have it pinned or you’re barely see it move. Then, at just the right amplifier volume, you’ll proably see it slam from rail to rail.

SS-4 Consumer Meter Stub (CMS) – Amp or Less service up to amp capacity only. 2. Single Phase / volt, three wire standard lighting and power HEA may refuse to connect service if consumer’s meter base is found to be non-compliant with codes and/or HEA specifications.

Thanks for your question and welcome to the community! Considering that there are well over a dozen different manufacturers and makes of meters and breaker panels in the industry, I can’t provide you with specfic information unless you show or tell us what components you are dealing with. In fact, I would suggest contacting your power company to ensure you are okay’ed to do this. Most electricians will tell you that a permit needs to be pulled in order for you to do this.

Failure to do this means you are working illegally with the power company’s property, and you’d be working with live wires. This is typically a job someone doesn’t do, short of an electrican who can do this in conjunction with speaking to the power company. For example, some panels have a main breaker and some are just main lug.

How To Wire an Electric Meter

If you go that way you will also have to get your work inspected and passed before it will get hooked up. It might not be worth your time. If you live in the country, you can do it yourself. On top of that, why would you install a amp box if you are upgrading anyway? In addition to the box and breakers, you will need to purchase a new meter base.

The signal is a low-voltage square wave so there’s a 50/50 chance we will need a pull-up resistor (5, ohm, 1/4-watt or 10, ohm, 1/2-watt) for the tach to function.

A voltmeter is a great accessory that will help you determine how well your car’s battery and alternator are working. The voltmeter will be able to tell you how the alternator is operating in conjunction with keeping the battery charged. Keeping an eye on the voltmeter in your car will tell you whether or not the alternator is bad.

When the alternator is good the battery will remain at a constant 12V rating. The opposite also means that the alternator is bad. If the voltmeter shows that the amps is up to around 16 or more, it means that the alternator is not regulating the power well and needs to be replaced. Here are the steps to take to wire a voltmeter for your car. Step 1 – Determine Voltmeter Location Your voltmeter should be located in a place where you can see it easily without having to take your eyes too far away from the road.

How to Hook Up a CB Linear Amp

A subwoofer reproduces very deep, low-frequency bass sounds, from 20 to hertz. They are usually 8 to 12 inches in diameter. A tweeter produces high-pitched noises and are usually about 2 inches in diameter.

Feb 25,  · Ammeter hook up help I have been trying to find out how to connect my amp guage so that the alternator will show a charge or not when the engine is running, So far all the responses that I recieved only tell me how to wire it for an idiot lite or a volt meter.

Sorry, something has gone wrong. To work properly, an amp-meter must be in series with the entire positive cable feeding the boat’s electrical systems EXCEPT the large cable going directly to the starter. If your battery’s positive terminal has only one large cable hooked to it, you’ll have to trace the cable to the terminal strip or buss panel where you find the large cable that goes directly to the starter motor and the second main positive cable that feeds all the boat’s other electrical systems.

If such doesn’t exist, then you will have to be creative in splitting the boat’s main power line from the starter’s large cable because the amp-meter will be hooked only in series inline with the cable feeding the boat’s main power buss excluding the starter cable. This allows the meter to indicate a discharge when the engine isn’t running, and show the total alternator charge current minus system discharge current to the battery when the engine is running.

Once you’ve got a place to break the main positive cable feeding only the boat’s electrical systems, it’s probably going to be back near the battery and your amp-meter is probably going to be installed up on the boat’s dash or control panel. If you use a standard “inline” or series amp-meter, the cables running to and from the meter back to where you cut the main power cable will be fairly long; so, to prevent loss of voltage voltage drop with higher current demands through a very long battery cable, you should use cable that’s at least the next wire gauge larger than the existing battery cable.

How do you install 100-amp service?

However, before I begin, let me catch you up to date, especially important for those of you who aren’t quite up to speed. I’ve been one of the people asking this question, and it’s been long reported to me that the FIP trucks had a wiring harness with a ‘shunt’, which powered the ammeter. However, my findings today show differently.

Turn off the electricity to the mobile home at the meter. This can be done by pulling the meter. If you are uncomfortable with doing this, the electric company will do it for you.

AMP gauges at the dash are troublesome. They should be by-passed, and then install a VOLT gauge. With normal but frequent use, most of these Dodge trucks will have electrical wiring problems. The first to fail were often the trucks equipped with factory air conditioning. The air conditioning system adds a significant electrical load. The additional current flow when using the air conditioning and increased resistance with heat will break down the weak areas more quickly.

How to Hook Up a 200 Amp Service Meter

I was into RC Flight about 15 years ago and achieved a low-level degree of competency and was pulled away into other things. My current technical skills far out weight my flight skills which allow me to take off and usually return safely to the earth and not be a nervous wreck when I am down. While serious about the hobby, I do not want to take food off of the table to get all the nice stuff right away. Hence I have developed a series of ‘cheap’ ways to have the needed test equipment to help me build better performing models.

An amp meter is simply a shunt a device with very low resistance in the amp range that you wish to measure with a sensitive volt meter Milli or Micro Volt across it to measure the voltage drop and while it is calibrated in amps it is actually reading the voltage drop across the shunt which is directly proportional to the amount of current amps passing through the shunt.

RESIDENTIAL ELECTRICAL SERVICES. Connection and General Information. Page 1. Service size ( Amp, Amp, other) Single phase motor services will be allowed up to 5HP maximum. Meter bases shall not be enclosed. Removal of the meter base face (cover) shall not be hindered.

Some late model vehicles use electronic sensors in their pressure and temperature senders for engine control functions. Before removing the original sender, we recommend that you contact your automotive dealer to be sure no critical functions will be disrupted. With pressure gauges it is beneficial to add a T-fitting to install your new gauge and to keep the warning light operational. This allows you to monitor the pressure and still have a warning light to indicate emergency conditions.

Disconnect negative – battery cable before installation. Do not touch ignition wire to the sender S terminal on back of gauge or the sender may be damaged. Mounting Replace light bulb with the same number bulb as the one removed. These gauges can be mounted in-dash or in Auto Meter mounting solutions panels, cups, pods, etc.

Amp meters explained

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