decanters & drinking-glasses (dating notes)

decanters & drinking-glasses (dating notes)

Knowing the worth of your antique dishes — whether they are glassware or china — is essential for insurance and resale purposes. It’s also good to know a baseline price when you look for additions for your collection. Worth of Antique Dishes Antique dishes and glassware are common collectibles. However, pricing can vary from piece to piece and brand to brand. China Dinnerware A few things come into play when determining the value of china plates, bowls, and platters, and they all work together to determine the actual worth of the pieces. Brand – When it comes to the brand, value plays a big role. Hard-to-find antique pieces from well-known companies like Lenox or Welmar may be more valuable than other brands that mass produced their items. Pattern or design – A pattern can make a big difference when it comes to figuring out the worth of china. For example, antique Blue Willow china and Brambly Hedge china may not be worth the same amount of money. You may find a strawberry china pattern potentially valuable, depending on the combination of other factors in individual pieces.

Antique Dish Values

Alsterfors , Swedish glass paper label. Alsterfors , Swedish glass clear plastic label. Aseda , Bo borgstrom Swedish glass foil label.

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The company gained notoriety and its products became highly collectible and only sold at high-end department stores. In , the company moved to downtown Rahway, New Jersey. He was one of the passengers on the hijacked Newark-to-San-Francisco flight that crashed in Pennsylvania. The super-heated, roll-on process of gold remains a secret today. The patterns of Culver are extensive from gilded mushrooms, owls, cats, wildlife, Egyptian or Asian inspired design themes, scrolling leaf patterns, holiday designs, sports motifs and many others.

Some other collectible patterns are the following: Green and gold squares Antiqua: Crackled gold with three rows of oval cut-outs Paisley: Culver glass after the s are typically unmarked today because the company changed to paper labels attached to the glass.

C18th Drinking Glasses

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C18th Drinking Glasses. Georgian glass is one of our specialities. To purchase, or receive further information on any item illustrated, click the appropriate link to the right hand side of each item.

Roman glass Romans learned to manufacture glass later than Asians. Glass objects have been recovered across the Roman Empire [22] in domestic, funerary [23] and industrial contexts. Roman glass production developed from Hellenistic technical traditions, initially concentrating on the production of intensely colored cast glass vessels.

Production of raw glass was undertaken in geographically separate locations to the working of glass into finished vessels, [25] [26] and by the end of the 1st century AD large scale manufacturing, primarily in Alexandria, [27] resulted in the establishment of glass as a commonly available material in the Roman world. Islamic glass Islamic glass continued the achievements of pre-Islamic cultures, especially the Sasanian glass of Persia.

The Arab poet al- Buhturi — described the clarity of such glass, “Its color hides the glass as if it is standing in it without a container. Medieval Europe[ edit ] A 16th-century stained glass window The Roman tradition of very fine glassmaking did not continue in the Middle Ages, and Anglo-Saxon glass and other regional traditions were mainly functional pieces, mostly somewhat crude forest glass. The claw beaker was popular as a relatively easy to make but impressive vessel that exploited the unique potential of glass.

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The museum is my private collection of over 15, pieces of Anchor Hocking Glass, made between and the present. Many pieces are one of a kind, test items, that were never mass produced by the company for one reason or another. In the near future, the museum will house hundreds of pieces of emphemera related to Anchor Hocking, such as catalogs, original blueprints, original advertising proofs, postcards, etc.

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Many would say that Blown Glass Bottles are the most valuable of all bottles because of their historical significance and age. Early examples are rare. You are not likely for run into one at a yard sale. Collectors have been searching for these since the early s. Most of the surviving examples were made from These terms are often used loosely and buyers who are not experts in a given type of glass should be wary. Many reproductions of early blown bottles can be found. Mexican reproductions have been around for more than fifty years and can easily fool a buyer.

But many bottles were produced in this early stage of American Glass History Characteristics of these early bottles include a lack of embossing but they may have raised patterns. Many were blown without the use of molds. When mold were used they usually only imparted a pattern to the body of the bottle which would have been shaped and formed by the blower. The illustration above shows typical lip styles of early American blown glass. These bottles are always pontil marked. Pitkin Flasks These highly sought after pint and half pint flasks were blown using the German Half Post method in New England Connecticut area in the period.


The following are standard types of glass, defined by the formula, method and genre. Most glass items are pressed into a mold and are called pressed glass. This involves pouring the molten glass into a mold which forms the shape and outsider design.

Dating Orrefors Glass. Orrefors used different signature systems for different types of glass. In the following pages we have tried to give as much information on the different types of signatures and dating systems as possible.

If this item contains incorrect or inappropriate information please contact us here to flag it for review. Glass is about 4″ tall. Base of glass has debossed picture of a horseshoe and a star within. Glass is in just about perfect condition! Embossing on base is very crisp and bold, overall pristine condition. An early blown into mold glass, ca.

Antique Terms (S)

A high-backed settle — sometimes with storage space beneath the seat or a cupboard in the back — was a familiar sight on either side of the hearth in farmhouse kitchens and inns from the 16th to 19th centuries. A settle table is a wooden settle with a hinged back that folds over to rest on the arms and form a table. Soft-paste porcelain was manufactured exclusively from c until the discovery of local china clay deposits enabled true porcelain to be produced from Louis XV granted the factory a monopoly to produce porcelain in the meissen style, c , and even after this was relaxed, no other French company was allowed to produce porcelain with coloured ground or gilding.

It was not in common use until the mid- 19thC and was made until modern times when periscopic types were used on aircraft.

Additionally, in England there were many imitations made of the 18th century drinking glasses. There are also many 20th century fakes of 18th century glass! In attempting to detect fakes, check the color and texture of the metal, the manufacturing method, the proportions, the decoration and .

Georgian Drinking Glasses 05 Dec Georgian drinking glasses are but one expression of 18th century English technical and artistic achievement. Their relative weight and thickness, and the peculiar gleam of the glass itself are innate characteristics of these beautiful vessels. Collectors particularly value them for their great variety of shapes and decorations. Despite the apparent fragility of glassware, Georgian drinking glasses have survived in great enough numbers to be avidly collected today.

Although some are extremely rare and therefore expensive, there are plenty of people who sell Georgian drinking glasses and many beautiful and interesting examples can still be found for quite reasonable prices. The History of Georgian Glassware Before the end of the 17th century, drinking glasses and glassware were expensive and exclusive luxuries.

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Relief finishing Most of the designs are flat, but we also offer the possibility of having the outer layer appear embossed in many colors including gold and silver. Coloring We color the glass using the best quality organic colors purchased from Italy and Germany with a dishwasher safe guarantee. Hand cutting Our glass maestros master the art of hand cutting by using diamond wheels to give a very high-end and detailed finish Silkscreen printing We use this technique to make printed designs or logos for promotional items.

Artisanal printing For some very specific designs we still provide manual printing to obtain the artistic quality desired.

19th century glass: other drinking glasses – decanters bottles toddy lifters ** recent additions ** xx archive xx rummers other drinking glasses bohemian glass miscellaneous kitchenalia bowls and vases tankards tumblers penny licks dumps coloured glass scent bottles 19th century glass, antique glass.

Anyway, it’s a nice colorful design with thousands of tiny red, blue, green, yellow, and white beads adorning the black base material. It has a nice beaded strap rising 7. The purse body itself measures approximately With a silk lining to top it off, this is a very good example of period 60s design and is in excellent and original condition. The rich green glaze is common to all three pieces, and we really like the fact that the “With” is done in white on one side and green on one side of the planters and the entire “With Love” is done in white on one side and green on the other side for the vase.

The planters are marked with the impressed McCoy mark, copyright, and USA one patent pending , while the vase is also an early production piece marked with the McCoy USA mark patent pending.

What is the value of the Pepsi Looney Toons drinking glasses of the 1970’s?

Is it Boopie or Candlewick? I had just always assumed it was Candlewick, by the Imperial Glass Company, and it referred to the water goblets, cordial glasses, and other glasses made with the ball feet. Of course, Auntie suggested that I research it!

GLASSWARE PATTERN INDEX Last Update ~ October antique frame, it’s an album also. The pattern may be setup by type of glass; such as, vases, sugars, etc. esp. on large patterns. There are Country BLOCK OPTIC Glasses by Bryce Bros BLOCK OPTIC Miscellanous Items by Hocking Glass.

Clear glass prior to the 18th century, is usually discolored due to manufacturing difficulties during the early years of glass making. To help authenticate clear antique glass, try using a small piece of modern glass as a “control” for comparison. Under ultraviolet light, old lead glass will appear blue-purple, newer soda glass will emit green-yellow light. A “lopsided” appearance in blown free blown glass is also a suggestion of age, as are fine ripples over the surface of the glass.

Gilding on glass during the 16th th centuries was usually applied in layers and you will generally find pieces from this period with only traces of gilding left. Later gilding on glass has a flat, regular appearance. In 19th century engraved glass look for a design that is well drawn and detailed; the glass body should be of high quality.

Almost all 19th century engraved glass was done using a copper wheel. Again, style in engraved glass can be a clue to age as the engraver’s style changed during the late 18th century to the 19th century. The quality of engraved pieces will vary considerably; and high quality, signed pieces are very valuable; the value will depend upon the subject matter, quality of engraving and of course, condition!

If you collect 19th century Bohemian glass, look for a rich, solid color with a thin outer layer; the glass body should be heavy and of high quality.

Vintage Green Drinking Glasses

The finest selection of genuine, practical, and premium antique wine accessories Fine Georgian Decanters c. From half-bottle to double magnums – plain, engraved or with ‘cut’ decoration. A Variety of Victorian Decanters c. Clear or coloured, plain or decorated – we have singletons, pairs and sets of 4 Superb Ship’s Decanters A very wide selection of these rarities – each one a genuine antique example.

A glossary of vintage terms. When you’re researching vintage or antique items, it can take forever to find examples of a particular piece – especially when you don’t know the right search terms to use.

Whatever the time period of glass-making history that appeals to you, whether it be: The types and styles of the glassware information offered ranges, from the decorative press-moulded antique glass of the 19th century to stunning ‘s vaseline glass or from the simply formed and functional Georgian drinking glasses of the 18th century to the stylish British glassware of the mid to late 20th century. The glass that I used to sell on eBay originated from many countries and regions, such as American decorative pressed glass, free blown antique English glass baskets, French milk glass vases, German pressed glass, Czechoslovakian Art Deco vaseline glass flower frogs or a Murano art glass sculpture from Italy.

The origins, periods, styles and colours may have varied but the quality was always consistent. There is a section listing the glass books that I use for the attribution and identification of antique glass and that I can personally recommend for you to obtain. There are photo galleries of many beautiful items such as Art Deco glass flower frogs, decorative vaseline glass vases, slag glass, custard glass and milk glass etc. This site also contains the unique automatic translator for the easy decoding of any Victorian Glass Registration Lozenge mark or ‘Diamond Registration Mark’ as it is sometimes termed.

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