Welcome to the official site of Sweden. Discover the facts and stories of our country.

Welcome to the official site of Sweden. Discover the facts and stories of our country.

About Mindy Follow Mindy at vogonpoetry42 Do you ever have one of those days where you wish you could transform into a rage fireball, turn the entire planet into a molten, smoldering hellscape, then move to the moon to live alone and in peace with your cat? Why is living on a lonely wasteland preferable to the crowded lusciousness that is Earth? An unnamed man and women, who did not previously know each other, met at a restaurant. They went to his place and fooled around a little. However, when the man started to initiate sex, the woman said no. But he kept going.

Church of Sweden

There are tons of Aussies marrying Thai, Indonesian and Filipino women in Aus, and not the first or second generation immigrants either. They are finding these women in their own home countries. Very often its the older guys, who have been ass raped in the divorce courts and dont want to deal with an Aussie bird again. You see them walking around all over the place hand in hand with younger Asian women, often with a pram or young children.

Facts about Sweden. Capital: Stockholm Language: Swedish Population: million is a useful site offering Swedish news in English. You can also listen to Swedish news in English, some dating as far back as pagan Sweden. Many customs are .

This is more Archeological Tourism, but imho its an interesting article. You need to register at History Today to access the free stuff. The Baltic isle of Gotland, forty-five kilometres from Stockholm, is indeed almost another little country. It is an unspoiled island with pine and spruce forests, hay meadows full of wildflowers, wide deserted beaches, old farmsteads, a profusion of country churches and a capital city, Visby, with charming medieval houses and one of the best preserved ring walls in Europe.

Here on Gotland, for example, the same beer is brewed as was drunk all over Europe in the Middle Ages while at the same time you can find locally produced art and craft items of modern, cutting-edge design. That it is a very ancient land as is evidenced by discovery of fossils, some over million years old. There are traces of the Tjelvar, or Palaeolithic, people who arrived 7, years ago.

From the Bronze Age there are almost cairns and stone ship-settings boulders set out in the shape of a ship symbolizing death as a voyage to the unknown together with large numbers of prehistoric grave fields, house foundations, hill forts and rune stones — an incredible total of 3, registered sites make this the richest archaeological region in Sweden. The island was powerful during the early Viking age.

History of the Jews in Sweden

Apologies for my absence in the last few months. A friend of mine was singing in a gospel choir on Saturday. Not just any choir. I took the bus part way to the concert hall.

Feb 13,  · How do Swedes celebrate Valentine’s Day? The Local’s Maddy Savage asks Stockholmers about love, flings and dating in a country known for its equality between the sexes.

It provides no research. You quote people who substantiate your bias. Many bits of information are drawn together, but they hold little credible data. The hard numbers based on actual data are real. Of these women, approximately were street prostituted. It is estimated that the number of women in prostitution has decreased from 2, in , before the Law came into force, to no more than 1, women in Sweden in Significantly, the number of women in street prostitution in Sweden today [Oct.

This number should be compared with the number of women involved in street prostitution in Denmark with 4. Denmark does not have legislation that prohibits the purchase of sexual services.

Why are Swedish People stupid at Norwegian?

Sweden the definition of a feminist hell hole. Sweden is hard to understand from the outside it is a small country with a small population. You have to get through the thin bullshit veneer to see what its actually like to live there.

Set in a building dating back to , Rosenkaféet is a summer café found in the rose garden at the Garden Society of Gothenburg (Trädgårdsföreningen). From May to October, the café offers traditional Swedish pastries, sandwiches and lighter dishes in a lovely green setting.

Beau Albrecht My father was a high-ranking student radical poobah and still thinks Castro was the bees’ knees. Although I’m technically a red diaper baby, I’ve rejected all that baloney. I write off-the-wall fiction , and Righteous Seduction concerns next-generation game. My blog concerns"deplorable” politics, game, and my writing projects. Two years ago, Prince Prospero wrote about the wreckage of his homeland. Worse, hordes of unassimilable migrants caused a horrific crime wave. The image I hope to paint is not that of a changing, or even failing state, but that of an already dead society.

If you get the image of a struggling people making a last stand against an oppressive elite, I have failed as a writer.

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Morocco with mixed reviews 3. That doesn’t mean, however, that you are without hope. MV will still consider these things.

Dec 18,  · Gay men in Sweden are to be permitted to donate blood provided they have not had sex with another man for at least a year, according to a new health board ruling.

Legislation[ edit ] The first statutory law against rape in Sweden dates back to the 13th century. It was considered a serious crime, punishable by death until Rape is one of the most serious sexual crimes. Whoever by force or threat forces another person to a sexual act that seriously insulting sentenced for rape to imprisonment for between two and six years. The penalty for rape is imprisonment for not less than four and not more than ten years. The sexual act can be intercourse, but also other sexual acts because of coercion or other circumstances are serious offensive can lead to a person convicted of rape.

Anyone who exploits someone who is asleep, unconscious, drunk or under the influence of another drug, mentally disturbed, sick or otherwise is in a particularly vulnerable situation, was also convicted of rape.

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Yetanfou on Oct 12, parent favorite on: Arabic characters found woven into burial costumes Placed in the perspective of the current political climate in Sweden I can not be but sceptic against research which tries to make islam part of Sweden’s history.

Back before the days of dating apps and social media profiles, people had to find other ways of navigating the world of relationships, and the clothes traditionally worn at Oktoberfest were one of.

Sat, 22 Sep Archaeologists in Sweden have discovered a gold ducat from early medieval Venice in Elleholm, a once thriving port that has now entirely disappeared. The ducat was minted during the reign of Doge Andrea Dandalos, who ruled the powerful Italian city state from to The Archbishop of Lund controlled the city from right up until the reformation in , when it was passed to the Swedish crown. The ongoing dig, a collaboration between the Blekinge Museum and Kulturen, a folk history museum in Lund, is the first on the site since The city’s disappearance has been linked to the Reformation, which stripped the Archbishop of most of his power, as well as to the development of the nearby port of Karlshamn, and to the changing requirements for a successful trading port.

Why travellers in Sweden should fear a tweeting sculpture

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